Green City Ferries

Green City Ferries is a provider of innovative emission-free high-speed passenger vessels based on market-ready technologies for urban areas and inland waterways.

An attractive part of intermodality

Many cities are situated next to inland waterways with a history and potential for waterborne transportation. Waterfront communities everywhere are eagerly exploring high-speed ferries as a multimodal transportation option.

Using inland waterways for commuting is an attractive solution if it can offer competitive travel time and frequent departures. But convenient is not enough. To address today’s climate crisis, there is an urgency now for zero-emission transportation. Unfortunately, diesel fast ferries consume large amounts of fuel and thus cost a lot to operate. Worse for the climate, they emit a lot of carbon dioxide. The GCF Solution combines the latest in green technology with innovative financing to introduce a zero-emission electric ferry with high performance and greatly reduced operating costs – the Beluga24.  

  • A carbon fiber catamaran with foil-assisted hull technology
  • Powered by either electric batteries or electric hydrogen
  • High-speed ferry with low-wake signature.
  • A comfortable solution for up to 147 passengers, 28 bikes

The Beluga24

The Beluga24 is an high-speed zero emissions fully electric premium passenger vessel powered either by batteries or hydrogen. It offers a bright and warm interior and features a small self-service cafeteria for the morning coffee, two toilets, wheelchair access, space for baby strollers, USB charging ports, Wi-Fi connectivity and flatscreen display monitors to make the best rider experience.

The Beluga24 is a comfortable commuter for up to 147 passengers and 28 bikes which solves the fast ferry challenges of low cabin efficiency and high operating costs. Being smaller and lighter, 147 pax vessels will revolutionize timetables with more frequent, attractive, and comfortable trips. 






30 knots

Hull technology

Foil Assisted Cat


Green City Ferries offers a solution for public transportation authorities and operators. GCF brings together state-of-the-art zero-emission high-speed passenger ferries and shoreside infrastructure. GCF can also provide for many PTAs and private operators innovative financing that simplifies raising the funds needed, reduces costs, and cuts the time it takes to put new boats into service from years to months. 


The GCF Team


Fredrik Thornell


Hans Thornell

Sales & Marketing Director
CEO BB Yards

Magnus Sörensson

Business developer

Björn Gunnerholm

Composite design

Anders Lönnö

Ship design

Niclas Kling

Teknicraft Hull design

    Nic de Waal

Vessel design

Mauro Sculli

Project manager

Derrick Pisani

Communication manager

Sebastian Marx

GCF Americas

Morgan Brown

GCF Americas

Paul Carroll

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