Green City Ferries | About Us
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Green City Ferries was started by a team of people with a shared passion for electric transport and all its wonderful qualities: silence, zero-emissions, clean air: a calm and invigorating boating experience. Together we decided to take steps to change the world.


Environmentally-friendly ferries mean cleaner cities, cleaner waters, an improved marine ecosystem and happier boat passengers. The ride might also be cheaper, too.
taking steps to change the world
propulsion technology and expertise

the movitz ferry

Movitz was retrofitted using Echandia Marine’s propulsion technology and expertise.

Our first project is the Movitz ferry, which runs from Solna Strand to Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town.  GCF is currently working on a number of other projects in Sweden and internationally.


We look forward to introducing you to our silent city ferries. See you onboard soon.