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Green City Ferries is launching the world’s first supercharged TM electric passenger ferries.  Virtually silent and producing zero emissions, GCF’s ferries can charge in ten minutes and run for an hour on ten minutes of supercharging.


Green City Ferries’ boats are powered by propulsion systems from Echandia Marine, a company founded with the mission to bring Swedish submarine technology ‘to the surface’. Submarines have run on electricity for over 100 years. Echandia’s founder and CTO, Magnus Eriksson, himself a submarine designer and engineer and a strong proponent of electric transport, set out to use his expertise to revolutionize the passenger ferry industry. The propulsion system is designed for both new boats and retrofits.

Quick Charging

Propulsion system

Instead of a 250kW diesel engine using 50 m³ of diesel per year, omitting 130 tons of CO2, 1,5 tons of NOX and 80 kg of particles, the average GCF boat will have two 125 kW electric motors placed outside the hull in so-called PODs. The system can be powered by a varieties of different battery chemistries. Whether it be Nickel metal hydride (NiMH), Lithium-titanate oxide (LTO), or NMC, we optimize the performance for each application by adopting the best batteri solution. Boats will need around 90 kW to cruise at 9 knots.


The ability to SuperchargeTM for ten minutes and then operate for an hour is an extremely important development for the passenger ferry industry, which operates a strict timetable. Furthermore, it reduces the need for large battery packs. The ferry can charge while passengers embark and disembark.

our fleet

BB Green electric boat


BB Green takes up to 99 passengers

speed 30 kNOTs

BB Green is the result of a five year long EU-project. The vessel takes up to 99 passengers and operates at a speed of 30 knots with batteries and electric propulsion.
 The ship is the first of its kind and is now being used for demonstration purposes across Europe.


the world’s first supercharged electric ferry

23-metre vessel.
98 passenger capacity.

Movitz has operated for many years as a conventional vessel and was retrofitted during the summer of 2014.
It will run for an hour after ten minutes of supercharging, on a route between Solna Strand and Gamla Stan, the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town.