Green City Ferries | Movitz
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Movitz is a 23-metre vessel which can carry 100 passengers.  Movitz has operated for many years as a conventional vessel and was retrofitted during the summer of 2014. It will run for an hour after ten minutes of supercharging, on a route between Solna Strand and Gamla Stan, the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town. 


Movitz’ launch as the world’s first supercharged electric ferry is a momentous occasion for electric transport, for the marine industry, and for Sweden.  Echandia Marine, developed its innovative propulsion system and charging technology as part of a project supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Energy efficiency and emissions

Instead of a 250kW diesel engine using 50 m3 of diesel per year, omitting 130 tons of CO2, 1,5 tons of NOX and 80 kg of particles, Movitz has two 125 kW electric motors placed outside the hull in so called PODs. The boat is powered by super-advanced Nickel-Metal-Hydrid (NiMH) 180 kWh batteries from the Swedish company Nilar. NiMH batteries deliver high power instantly and can be charged very quickly. It will need around 90 kW to cruise at 9 knots.


E/S Movitz will be charged at a new charging station on Riddarholmen, in the centre of Stockholm.  During August 2014 the boat will be charged normally, operating in hybrid mode – sometimes electric driven and sometimes diesel-driven.  In November, the charging station will be upgraded to allow supercharging up to 300kW power and in the near future it will be upgraded again to 600 kW power.


E/S Movitz can be hired for lunch cruises and evening events. There is sitting room for 46 diners and Movitz has a full drinks licence. Movitz is newly renovated using beautiful materials, such as walnut, and can carry a total of 98 passengers.


We work with you to provide a full-service including choice of menu and decoration if desired. We have a number of excellent preferred caterers who can provide climate-friendly, organic food and we offer organic beer onboard.