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Green City Ferries  

We do high-speed electric ferries 

What we do ?

We offer an alternative to car commuting.

Rent a solution!
Green City Ferries provides electric high-speed ferries and chargers.

Need operations ?
We can provide this as well!

BB Green 24

First delivery beginning 2021


The ferry in brief

A comfortable commuter ferry for 147 passangers, 20-30 bikes,  Speed 35 knots, ASV hull , limited wake wash, Charging 8 -15 min, 
Distance  max 14 nm, exclusive interior. The BB Green 24 model is standardized and will be serial produced to meet the market need.


Energy efficiency

With our lightweight carbon fiber ASV hull and optimised interior for commuting we reduce the wet surface by 80% using 40% less energy for propulsion than modern carbon fiber catamarans


Batteries & charging

Latest technology with LTO batteries and charging, we have a unique leasing concept for batteries and drivelines to exlude all technical risk for our clients, We are aiming for SMC (Single Minute Charging) to charge while boarding without extra time loss.  Some advantages with LTO: Extremely Long Lifetime , Rapid Battery Charging and Discharging , Enhanced Safety ,  Low-Temperature Performance.


Envirometal impact

Our goal is to reduce traffic congestions in cities and by providing an exlusive waterborne alternative and also replacing polluting diesel ferries.  Each diesel ferry we manage to replace saves approximately 2000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 23 tonnes of nitrogen oxides and almost 3 tonnes of particles per year in emissions. 

Interested ?

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