Green City Ferries


New opportunities for waterborne commuting

Green City Ferries ("GCF") is a Stockholm based company dedicated to efficient, sustainable waterborne mobility. GCF delivers innovative, energy-efficient, and emission-free high-speed ferries for inland waterways and island traffic. By Introducing the Beluga24, GCF combines high-speed and emission free operations with fast charging. GCF offer cities new opportunities for waterborne commuting instead of car commuting.


At the heart of the solution lies the Beluga24, the most energy-efficient and technically advanced ferry of its type on the market today. The Beluga24 is 100% electric and is either powered by batteries for commuter routes or hydrogen fuel-cells for longer ones.

Ferry statistics


Traditional diesel-powered high-speed vessels are large polluters and therefore not a viable alternative for future waterborne commuting. The Beluga is 100% electric.


Short travel time and high frequency is a prerequisite for attracting commuters to leave the car at home and use the waterborne transportation instead.

Low Wake

A low wake signature in high-speed is the result of our foil-assisted hull technology and light-weight carbon fiber construction. Until now high wakes have been a showstopper for efficient waterborne commuting.

Lower Cost of Operations

Energy efficiency and light-weight design is vital when going electric, the reward is lower cost of operations.

Ferry background
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