About us

Green City Ferries (GCF) is a Stockholm-based designer and integrator of innovative maritime technologies who has designed a revolutionary, emission-free vessel that is both fast and energy efficient – the Beluga24.

We began our journey as a part of Echandia AB, a Stockholm based company specializing in heavy-duty maritime batteries and fuel cells. Later, in 2019 we became an independent company.

We have established a record of accomplishment as an innovator and operator within the electric ferry market. In 2014, while still part of Echandia AB, we launched Movitz, the world’s first supercharged passenger ferry. In 2016, we launched BB Green, a prototype that increased our knowledge of lightweight construction and battery chemistry for fast vessels.

These early models led to the creation of the Beluga24 a highly versatile, 100% electric, foil-supported carbon fiber catamaran designed for comfortable high-speed operations and compliant with the international DNV high-speed craft rules.


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